Brookwood Staff vs.  the Bristol Township Police Department  
Brookwood Student Council hosts the first annual "Princess Warrior Basketball Fundraiser".   
All proceeds will go to The Family of Princess Warrior Maddie
Donations reached up to $2,000.00.  

 basketball 1  basketball 3
 basketball 5  basketball 0  basketball 3


BROOWOOD - Making the Holidays Happy for Families!

A special thank you to Mrs. Connolly (aka Mrs. Claus) for organizing, collecting and distributing gifts for 70 students, that's 23 Brookwood families!

While this was a huge undertaking, it was well worth her efforts, to see parents over -joyed when they pick up their gifts and knowing children will have presents on Christmas morning.

Thanks also goes out to those who made donations:  Airgas, the SADD program at Truman HS, the Women's Auxiliary Club, Queen of the Universe, St. Peter and Paul's of Edgely, the helping nurses, other community professionals and our own Brookwood Staff and Parents.

Working together, we make a Difference!

Happy Holiday!

angel tree
angel tree 2   angel tree 3
 angel tree 4  angel tree 5  angel tree 6


Exciting news in Kindergarten!

Miss Torano’s class is participating in a country wide Gingerbread Exchange! The students decorated gingerbread people to send out to schools all over the country, and the class has started getting other gingerbread people back. Miss Torano’s class is marking off where they are coming from on a class map so they can see how far the gingerbread people have traveled. They are learning about distance, mail, and spreading kindness from this holiday season activity. Keep checking back to see if anymore gingerbread people have arrived!

gingerbread exchange

_____________________________ Food Drive at Brookwood
Mrs. Schrack's first grade class organized a food drive in November!  The students created posters and displayed them around the school.  All of the donations went to the ERA Food Pantry to support families in Lower Bucks County.
food drive 2018

The Nose Knows !

The Brookwood Tiger Team recently entered a "Smencils Challenge". The team had to create a video of themselves guessing the mystery scents and submit it to the Smencils company. They ended up guessing the most correct and won the grand prize of $500 and a received a social media shout out from the company ScentCo!


 .jpg  .jpg

_____________________________ ​Hour of Code

The 5th grade students in Ms. Gallagher's class were very excited to be a part of the Hour of Code.  Students worked in pairs to code their way through different challenges.  Most of the students worked on a Dance Party Challenge, where they chose a song, some dancers, and choreographed the moves to a new dance routine.  Other students worked on a Minecraft based challenge where they went on an aquatic adventure.  All of the pairs completed the challenges successfully in a hour! For the rest of the week they will be sharing their activities with other students in Brookwood. 
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CONGRATULATIONS!  Making student learning fun and engaging!

4th Grade students in Mr. Whetstine's class participated in a National Math Competition using the online game, Sumdog. They finished 1st place, out of 1,589 classes who entered nationwide, and were named "Daily Winners" for scoring the highest average, during that same week.


5th Grade students in Ms. Gallagher's class
took over the STEAM Lab recently to work on their teamwork; problem-solving; and engineering skills.  The challenge:  Build a structure using only gumdrops and toothpicks.  Your structure must be as tall as a paper cup, and strong enough to hold your Social Studies text book.  Check out their results!