Normal School Days, Doors Open at 9am There is no outdoor supervision in the mornings. Please be aware that with the cold weather, some students are arriving too early each day. Be sure to check our Brookwood News page. Check under the "For Parents" header for important school info such as food menus, health office info and PTO happenings !

School's Message


Principal - Jacqueline Cubberly
Assistant Principal - Ken Melton
Secretary to the Principal - Jen Connolly
Secretary to the Assistant Principal - Kelly Capriotti

Momo Challenge letter for Parents
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BTSD Outdoor Recess Policy (click here)
Please be sure that your student is dressed appropriately each day for the outdoor weather.
(hat, gloves, scarf, socks and leg coverings)

Brookwood Chick Fil A Night 3/6 and 3/7 4-8 pm
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Blue Month for the Heart of Davies
Scholarship Fund
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(click here for informational flyer)

Public Library Coding Unplugged Grades 1-5 Flyer
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From the Principal's Desk  
March 2019 Newsletter (click here)
January 2019 Newsletter(click here)

December Newsletter (click here)
October Newsletter(click here)

November Newsletter (click here)

Student Council Pretzel Sales (click here)

  BTSD  Code of Conduct:
paw I am respectful.
paw I am responsible.
paw I am safe.
paw I am prepared.

We are here to learn, therefore I will:
-Respect myself, others, and the school environment.
-Cooperate with all school personnel.
-Allow the teachers to teach so that everyone, including myself, can learn.

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