Brookwood Family Engagement Policy

Bristol Township School District~AUT0000

Brookwood Elementary School

2200 Haines Road

  Levittown, Pa 19055

Reviewed. Revised, and Updated on October 4, 2023

Brookwood Elementary is dedicated to fostering Family Engagement. 


1. Schedule parent/family meetings and activities 

2. Survey both parents/students annually 

3. Conduct conferences and parent/guardian contacts

Goal 1: Brookwood will invite families to annual Title I Family gatherings at convenient times to ensure parent/guardian involvement in the decision making for our Title 1 programs, the planning, review, and improvement of Brookwood’s Family Engagement Policy, and to provide guidance in how to support their Title I child’s academic progress.

1. Letters of invitation to Title I Family gatherings

2. Disseminate Title I parent/guardian information, share Title I Family Engagement Policy, School-Parent-Student Compact, and review contents annually for parent/guardian input

3.  Inform families of Brookwood’s participation as a Title 1 School; and explain the requirements and rights of families to be involved

4. Ensure that parents/guardians of children with disabilities or limited English proficiency have the same access as other parents/guardians including information in a language and form that they can understand.  Documents will be sent home with students and posted on the Brookwood Title 1 website.  To the extent possible, documents and correspondence will be translated using the Talking Points app

5. Disseminate district Family Engagement Policy

6. Provide parents/guardians with materials and training to support involvement in their child’s academic achievement, including inviting community resources to Title 1 Family Gatherings, for example, Bristol Cares, Kidtime, Levittown Library, PTO, Silver Lake Nature Center, Scouts

7. Enhance the awareness and continue to develop the skills of teachers, specialized instructional support personnel, principals, and staff in the value of communicating and working with families as equal partners in their child’s education 

SPAC Website

8. Encourage parent/guardian participation in the schools through volunteering

9. Encourage family participation by offering scheduled activities at a variety of times 

10.  Provide resources for building parent/guardian understanding of child development, and academic strategies which are designed to support parents as partners in their child’s education

11. Provide a transitional plan for incoming and current students in grades K-5

Goal 2: Brookwood will conduct evaluations on all aspects of our Title I Program to

ensure that we are meeting the needs of all families in supporting their child’s academic success.

1. Survey both parents and students to assess areas of strength and identify barriers

to parental involvement 

2. Continue to collect family participation data through the use of sign-ins for workshops, meetings and/or conferences

Goal 3: In order to build a strong partnership with each child’s family, Brookwood

staff will ensure open lines of communication in sharing student progress through the use of the following:

1. Allot time for parent-teacher conferences 

2. Training workshops for families of Title I students 

*These workshops will describe and explain the curriculum, various academic assessments used to measure student progress, and the achievement levels of the challenging state academic standards.

3. Share information/access with parents/guardians for Infinite Campus so that

families can track their child’s grades and progress 

4. Share our district website where parents/guardians can access the following information:

 their child’s school,  tips for helping meet the state standards, websites for reinforcement activities 

5.  Invite families to contribute to the development of the Schoolwide Program Plan