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(Please read completely before beginning the registration process) 


Registration for the current school year is ongoing. If you are a parent or guardian and would like to register your child, please complete the online registration.


The registration process takes approximately 30 minutes. If you do not have access to a computer there are resources available at the Administrative Office or at your local library. 


Some documents are required to be uploaded during the online registration process. If any of the required documents are not uploaded in the online application, the application will be on hold until all documents are provided. Before you begin, please have all information and required documents available.


Documents that are required to be uploaded:


Verification of Residency

  1.   Section A - Two (2) current documents from the list below must be uploaded.
  1. Mortgage Statement
  2. Bristol Township real estate tax bill or receipt
  3. Bristol Township property deed
  4. Agreement of sale/lease for Bristol Township property
  5. Lease for Bristol Township apartment
  6. Settlement sheet from the purchase of Bristol Township property
  7. Letter from Bristol Township apartment management office verifying residence. 

  1. Section B - Two (2) additional current documents from the list below must be selected and uploaded. 
  1. Voter registration card.
  2. Post office change of address, mail forward order.
  3. Current utility bill
  4. Major credit card statement with address
  5. Vehicle registration
  6. Health Insurance statement or medical access card statement
  7. Bank Statement
  8. Payroll stub, unemployment statement, retirement check, or disability check.
  9. Copy of tax registration form
  10. Letter from Department of Welfare of Social Security 

Student information


One of the following must be uploaded

  1. Birth Certificate
  2. Baptism Records
  3. Passport 


If you are unable to scan and upload these documents please contact Helene Mershon at 267-599-2020. 

I-Phone users can also download the Notes App which will allow you to scan documents and create PDFs of the documents.  


Additional documentation will be required by the school team to complete the enrolment process and may be uploaded during registration.

  1. Parent/Guardian Identification
  1. Driver’s License, or official ID with address
  1. Copies of Report Cards,  Transcripts, or Special Education Documents 

These additional forms must be submitted to the school team during the enrollment process

  1. Authorization for exchange of information  
  2. Housing Questionnaire  
  3. Affirmation of Prior Discipline Record  
  4. Technology Acceptable Use Policy 
  5. Publicity Refusal Form  
  6. Child Custody information.  

Medical information needed for School Registration (1-3 are required)

1. Immunization Record – Required

2. Form 40- Medical history/information regarding your student- Required

3. Dental and physical examination needed in accordance with Pennsylvania School Law. You may choose to have this examination done by your family physician or have the school physician examine your child. The private physician exam must be completed no earlier than 12 months before the opening of the current school year.

            a.     A dental and physical examination are needed upon starting school in kindergarten or    

                     first grade, or upon entry to school.

b. Dental exams are also required for 3rd and 7th grade

c.  Physical exams are also required for 6th and 9th grade


4.  Medication Dispensing Form 

a. Only needed for students requiring medication throughout the school day. It must be completed by your primary care provider.

5.         Release of Health/Medical Information    Medical Release Authorization

a. Only needed if we need to contact your child’s medical provider.

Online Registration Tutorial   

To begin the registration application, please click the link below.


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